3 Reasons Why 4 Seasons Should Tune-Up Your Orlando HVAC This Spring

Orlando HVAC

Don’t wait for the summer heat to have your Orlando HVAC checked. Allow 4 Seasons Air to tune up your unit this spring!

It’s no surprise that Florida heat can be unbearable at times. Most homeowners never think to check their Orlando HVAC until it breaks down, and if it happens to you in the middle of summer it is not pleasant. A way to avoid this is by checking your AC unit as frequently as you get a car tuneup or oil change.


5 Tips To Save Energy With Your Orlando Air Conditioning Unit

Orlando air conditioning

Is your energy bill through the roof? We’re sharing five tips that will help you save energy with your Orlando air conditioning unit.

Turning on your Orlando air conditioning system is not the only way you can keep your home cool. There are tips and tricks you can do that will save costs on your energy bill and keep your home as comfortable and cool as possible. Today we are sharing five of those tips with you to ensure that you will save money and feel good doing it.


3 Tips To Cleaning Out Your Orlando Air Conditioning Unit

Orlando air conditioning unit

Many homes have mold growing in their Orlando air conditioning unit without them even noticing. Today we’re sharing why you should look out for mold, signs of mold, and how to remove it from your home.

How well do you know your air conditioning unit? Not many people pay attention to the cleanliness of it because they assume that as long as they feel the air, it is working well. Even though you have cold air it doesn’t necessarily mean you are breathing in healthy air. The damp Florida air combined with dust and debris can cause mold to grow. There are plenty of ways to reduce mold in your air conditioning unit and today we’re sharing why you should check your AC for mold, the signs to look out for and how to remove it.


Learn The Difference Between Your Home’s Supply And Return AC Vent

AC Vent

You may be familiar with your home’s AC vent but do you know how it actually works? Knowing the difference is important so you will be able to understand when one of them is not properly functioning.

You are probably familiar with the supply and return vents located around your home, but do you know what they actually do? There is a network of ducts hidden behind the walls that provide a pathway for air to move around every room in your home. The job the ductwork provides would not be possible without the supply and return vents in your home. Today we’re sharing the differences between a supply AC vent and a return AC vent.